• Viper Seal Pit Liners

    Political Pressures to be Environmentally Friendly
    • Government Entities
    • Landowners
    • Environmental Activist Groups
    • Board of Directors
    • Stockholders
    • Public Relations
    • Mission Statements/Public comments Accountability
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  • Environmental Footprint

    Environmental footprint left from using HDPE/Plastic:
    • Plastic disposal has to be addressed after project completion
    • Manufacturing of just 2 plastic bags generates 1.1kg of atmospheric Pollution (which contributes to acid rain and smog) and 0.1g of waterborne waste
    • Most plastics are manufactured in countries with few environmental regulations, such as China, resulting in even greater environmental impact.
    • Plastic is estimated to kill over a billion animals annually from ingestion
    • Plastic is estimated to take between 500-1000 years to decompose
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About UsViper Equipment Wash

Viper Products and Services would like the opportunity to introduce our environmentally friendly products to exceed your efforts in meeting your environmental goals. It has been brought to our attention that a specific product we carry called Viper Equipment Wash could enhance your efforts towards a green and clean work environment while saving you money in the process.

Viper Equipment Wash is an environmentally friendly formulation of digestive enzymes that breaks down and dissolves oil and grease and is a great product for cleaning and maintaining cleanliness on oilfield equipment for a safe working environment.

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  • Enzyeor

    Viper Products and Services are proud to introduce the environmentally friendly ENZYEOR. ENZYEOR is a proprietary microbiologically produced enzyme designed to enhance Oil and Gas Production.
    The ENZYEOR enzymes are outstanding at reacting with large chain hydrocarbons; the cleaning capabilities and reactivity of these enzymes have proven themselves to be much greater than standard surfactant treatments alone.
    ENZYEOR has been successfully utilized in near well bore, formation clean outs and as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) treatment for many years by numerous companies around the world.
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  • DUSTKON 270

    Non-Hazardous all purpose dust suppressant.
    Proprietary surfactant formulation, fresh and brine water soluble.
    DUSTKON is designed to be mixed at a rate of 110 gallons of product per 100 barrels of fresh water under normal circumstances and 220 gallons of product per 100 barrels of fresh water under dust inhibition circumstances.
    Contact Viper Products and Services at 432-556-1245 or 806-632-0022.
  • NEUTRAL 500

    A newly developed environmentally friendly product, NEUTRAL 500 has been placed on the market to aid industry personnel in the treatment of agricultural and industrial effluent from a variety of sources.
    NEUTRAL 500 a proprietary formulation but in an effort to aid both agricultural and industrial consumers of this product, we have endeavored to supply pertinent information about this product concerning safety of use..
    NEUTRAL 500 an enzymatic/polymeric product that contains an alkaline (high pH) component that enables the product to better penetrates biological and chemical solids and degrades them through alkaline surfactancy.
    The base reaction utilized to create NEUTRAL 500 involves numerous ingredients including an inorganic caustic solution that in its original non-reacted state would be considered hazardous.
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